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External defense input, internal defense rebound | han hong medical technology for hubei help

Add Time£º2020/3/25 17:33:34
The sun scattered all over the town, green climbing on the branches, by the press of the "pause button" wuhan is slowly recovering. As the situation improves, 14,000 medical workers have been evacuated from hubei province. However, ma xin, deputy dean of Shanghai huashan hospital affiliated to fudan university, and his team members stick to the guanggu area of tongji hospital of huazhong university of science and technology. Now, he says, the most important task for him and his colleagues is to treat the critically ill. "Most of these patients have underlying diseases and are currently treated primarily for their comorbidities." "Although wuhan has' cleared the ground ', but still can't relax vigilance, to be cautious as always, external guard against input, internal guard against rebound."

For guangdong han wu medical technology co., LTD. The entrusted kyushu through medical equipment group co., LTD. Hubei huazhong university of science and technology tongji hospital affiliated to tongji medical college, huazhong university of science and technology union medical college hospital, wuhan university people's hospital affiliated to tongji medical college (hubei province people's hospital), Chinese and western hospital in wuhan city (the first people's hospital in wuhan city), gold and silver lake in wuhan city hospital, wuhan contribution "pulmonary hospital wireless electronic stethoscope" DS88B 40 sets of products together.

Although the epidemic situation is not completely over, we believe that through the efforts of front-line medical staff, we will surely achieve success. Let us continue to cheer for hubei province, let us make a modest contribution to building a community of Shared future for mankind.

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